Trek Training

Welcome and congratulations. You have taken the first step towards a life-changing adventure!

Is there a trek that you've always wanted to do? A mountain you've always wanted to climb? Or do you just want to get fit in nature with friends? Wild Women On Top can help you get there - and enjoy the journey along the way.

What is Trek Training?

Trek Training is a specialised outdoor adventure fitness training program to prepare the body for life-changing adventures. It is an exciting way to get fit in nature, offering a complete mind, body, spirit experience. Every workout is an adventure.

While we love a challenge, we also want our adventures to be a fun, enriching, experience that leave us energised and rejuvenated! Trek Training is designed to make trekking and hiking less arduous, safer and more enjoyable!

The more time and effort you put into Trek Training prior to your adventure, the more you will be able to delight in the culture, exquisite scenery and great satisfaction that come from safely achieving a wilderness adventure challenge.

Trek Training is more than just walking. To prepare the body for trekking, we need to increase the intensity and duration of our walk, so that we improve our fitness and endurance. We can do this by walking faster, carrying weight in a back pack and adding hills, ramps, stairs, soft sand and distance to our workout.

Plus, we have learned how fun it is to have a mini-adventure each week with amazing women in the beautiful bush and along the stunning coastline of Sydney.

Types of Training Sessions:

2 hr sessions

These two hour sessions are perfect for both beginner and advanced hikers. You will get a high-intensity workout, become part of an inspiring community and enjoy a mind, body spirit experience in nature.

3 hr sessions

Trek Training is the original Wild Women On Top workout. Every workout is a wild adventure, and you will explore places of Sydney you never knew existed. These sessions are fun, exciting and prepare you perfectly for your big adventure goal. 

What are the benefits of Trek Training?

1.       Adventure: every workout is a strength and fitness adventure.

2.       Purpose: don't just sweat in the gym - go places.

3.       Social: have fun with like-minded women.

4.       Nature: enjoy the mind, body, spirit benefits of being in nature.

5.       Goal-oriented: be motivated and empowered by challenging adventure goals. 


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