Q&A with Christine Sokolich


 1. How long have you been a member of Wild Women On Top? What was it that motivated you to join us?

I joined in 2008 but had two years off 2014-15. I came across WWOT in a magazine that someone had given me.  It struck a chord as something I should try as I loved the bush and the article made it sound as if anyone would be welcome.


2. Please tell us a bit about yourself (e.g. Are you a mother/career, what you love/dislike, something in your life that made you the person you are today?)

I live with my husband and 2 young adult kids in Willoughby.  I work as a freelance market researcher. I’m very lucky to be able to juggle work around my trek training or vice versa. Now in my 50’s I hope to do more of what I love. That’s what I’ve learnt from Wild Women on Top.



3. What is your favourite Trek Training memory/story?

I can remember my first training session with the infamous Ms Di Westaway. I hadn’t been at WWOT that long so was still more a Mild woman than a Wild woman. Di couldn’t find the track she was after at Manly Dam so she gleefully announced that we wouldn’t wait around for track to emerge we’d just “bush bash”. I can remember praying the Westpac helicopter would come and lift me out of there. By contrast my fellow trekkers gaily chatted - seemingly having the time of their life! 


4. Do you believe WWOT empowers women to feel free, young and brave again? 

Absolutely!I no longer pray for the Westpac helicopter to deliver me from the remote jungles of Manly Dam ;)


5. Have you been on a Wild Adventure? If so, what is your favourity memory/story? 

I recently climbed Mt Barney. Having been at Wild Women for some time I’d heard many a story of this infamous trip. It was on my ‘never-do’ list! I ended up loving it. The camaraderie was so supportive. Caring and sharing with other women who you may not even really know that well. Moral to the story is - just do it!


6. Who are what do you consider to be your greatest source of inspiration and why?

My mum, first and foremost, she's my role model. She's had a tough life and is a remarkable woman. Then there are so many men and women I meet on a daily basis who teach me things and remind me to be grateful for all I have and that I'm very blessed to live the life I lead.


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