"I love seeing people learn that they really can do anything..."

We hear so much positive feedback regarding Trek Training and the fabulous communities the wonderful coaches and coastal trails have created. We would love to hear from you! Please tell us a bit of your own story – how did you become a Wild Women coach?

I have been a registered fitness trainer since 1996! I have also been an Australian Fitness Network member for as many years. I read an article by Di Westaway about setting Big Hairy Audacious Goals and the Sydney Coastrek. I was so inspired by Di’s article, I sent out an email to my friends and PT clients and we managed to form 3 teams and signed up to the 2012 Coastrek trek. I loved everything about it, the goal setting, the training, being with amazing women and working towards a goal. 

WWOT was at this time also advertising for coaches. I was instantly interested. I had in the past also worked with another trainer, Jules, who was a WWOT coach and she was always off on amazing adventures. 

The following year, I managed to organise 4 teams for the 2013 Coastrek. Again, after Coastrek, I was longing for more. Our family was planning on a big sea change and were going to move to the Gold Coast at the beginning of 2014. I contacted WWOT and said I would be keen to set up Trek Training in the Gold Coast. I really wanted to be a part of this amazing team. So I signed up as a trainee Coach and completed my trainee ship October- December 2013. 

We decided not to move to the Gold Coast, however; I am now a fully qualified WWOT and ABSOLUTELY loving it. 

Tell us about your session – is it an endurance walk, HIIT (high-intensity interval training) or a combination? 

When I cover sessions I mix it up. It depends on the location, duration, member numbers and what other events, trips maybe happening around the same time. I try and provide what my girls need while ensuring there is a little bit of magic in every Trek Training adventure. 

We speak of Trek Training as more than just fitness sessions but rather an activity that transforms people from the inside out. Do you have a favourite story you could share regarding how Trek Training has transformed or changed someone’s life?

In the short time I was taking the sunburst sessions I saw HUGE improvements in one particular member. She had only just started with WWOT but I can so clearly remember how her renewed fitness and strength made her shine with confidence from the inside out. 

What benefits do you believe your particular session provides to those who attend?

I like to bring positivity, energy, fun and challenges to the participants. I like to work on core strength, stretches and physical challenges to build the confidence and strength of all the wonderful women who attend.  

What is it about Wild Women on Top that inspires you and keeps you coming back for more? 


The amazing trekking locations local, interstate and overseas. The women, the energy, helping others to achieve and witness their transformations and smash their goals, dreams and physical challenges. I love seeing people achieve the know-how and confidence that they can do anything, with the help of a strong mind and passionate determination! 

What was your favourite Wild Women adventure you have embarked on and why (overseas or domestic)? Were there any inspirational stories on this trip that you would like to share?

I led the trek along the six-foot track last year. 

This is an iconic trek and as we trekked it in 2 days instead of the usual 3 it was a challenge for most. However; after a very long day on day 1, leaving Sydney at 5am, catching a bus from Katoomba to Jenolan Caves and then trekking 30 km, we finally arrive at the Six Foot Track lodge. The swim in the Cox’s river was magic, along with the 3-course meal and lovely red wine at the lodge. The walk through the Megalong Valley back to Katoomba is very picturesque and definitely a once in a lifetime trek and highly recommended.

Such an adventure! 

Tell us about you!

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